ChickPe Un-Flavored Large


Features 22 full servings of our ‘unflavored’ ChickPe formulation.  This product best represents the raw flavor of chickpeas and has the highest amount of protein per scoop found in all of our products. Yes, we are aware a better description might be ‘No Flavor Added’! Yet, it that really a name ? We say no.  We package this product in an attractive BPA Free white container. This size is perfect for countertops and carry alls like backpacks or gym bags.

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Looking for the pure nutrition. Unflavored is for you. Bare naked when it comes to add ons, but chock full of the vitamins minerals enzymes and sub-fractions that naturally reside inside a chickpea.Get 16g of protein 4g Healthy Fiber and 4g complex carbs per serving.


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